Anime Matsuri :)

It went by too fast ): I don't wanna be back in school lol

Had lots of fun at AM '10. As usual, I hung around my table for the most part, taking a few (unsuccessful) trips to the dealers room. First con I went to without spending over $50 buying stuff. I couldn't find anything I liked ): The general con merch is starting to bore me OTL And the only print I wanted was sold out before I could get to it 8D Ah well.

Made money (yay!), now I gotta make sure that I keep it, instead of wasting it away on pokemon or something. Hmmm...a very hard task.

K...I really should work on my research paper now.

con prepping will be the death of me.

Anime Matsuri is this weekend.

Never in my life have I CGed 4 days in a row, producing 4 ridiculous artworks I did not know I was capable of doing. I mean...I know that taking a break from something you do often will help you see with new eyes and most times, improve faster. BUT REALLY? WTF. I take the most ridiculously long art slumps known to man (okay not really), only drawing easy 1-2 hours shit when I feel like it.

This seenms to be a constant pattern in my life. OTL
Because of this, I've barely had 6 hours of sleep over the past 5 days though. -sigh- I'm not getting any tonight either because I have an essay due tomorrow and a test in 7 hours. Not to mention I need to finish my bookmarks for the convention. Ugh my life.

So yea.

I sent in my print order on Monday, right? Exactly at 2:55 PM. I go to my 3PM class, get out at 4:18, check my email at 4:23. "Your Order has be printed and shipped!".......

That is AWESOME. I'm so glad I found that printing company <3

So instead of studying like I should, I watched episode 50 of FMABrotherhood. HOLY FUCK. I didn't think it was possible, but I'm in love with the show even more now. For some weird reason I though episode 50 was the last one, and I was so emo for the longest time. Turns out there's more. FUCK YES I'M SO EXCITED. Can't wait for next Sunday!

...., yes I can. Stupid research paper.

Yea...I should go study.

I love college....:D