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*h i m i t s u..o p t i o n 2

26 December
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who's that mofo?

Hey what's up?
My name is Jessica Sun. Cause I brighten anyone's day! -NOT-

Anyway, I'm 18 years old, and just started college as a freshman.
Life is great when it's full of party animals and beer right? Heh..heh...ugh.

You're either pretty psycho or the most normal person in the world if you're friends with me. Makes no sense right? :] Get used to it. Randomness makes the world go round. Well...no, money does.

Are you tired of me yet? No? GREAT, YOU'RE HIRED!

In all serious-ness, I love meeting new people, so let's be friends!

I love hanging out, shopping, snazzing it up with people. On the other hand, I also like being a hermit and lock myself in my room all day. I swear I'm not cutting myself! Down time is always good for the soul. Especially when you live with people 10x more psychotic than you are. Now that's scary...

So you prepared?

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Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.
-- Malcolm Muggeridge